Welcome to beautiful Ashgabat, the capital of beautiful Turkmenistan. Welcome to the best country in the world! Possibly.

Why? It’s easy to guess.

Who doesn’t like marble? Everybody does. In fact, Ashgabat holds the record for the highest density of white marble-clad buildings anywhere in the world.

And again, who does not like white and gold? All the rappers in the world love it. And Ashgabat, yes, has it. Not the rappers, it has the white and gold. Golden facades are in fact all over the place, fitting the gigantic sparking flashing white buildings that nobody knows what hides beneath. No shop windows to ruin the beauty of these edifices, no trivial advertisements anywhere. Wouldnt you like it?

Well, during the day. Because at night, bright neon rainbow lights illuminate Ashgabat as a modern Las Vegas. But with a considerable positive side: forget all those lousy gamblers and noisy tourists. Also because there are no casinos. Who cares about casinos when you can enjoy the sight of rainbows nighttime. Right, eh?

Also, you should appreciate that almost no one is around. Except for just a few cars, there are only lonely walkers in the streets. No traffic – more joy. Think of it while you are cueing on your filled-up-with-SUVs motorways. Also, one little joyful detail: all cars have to be clean, otherwise prison awaits you. Well, actually everything in Ashgabat has to be clean. That is why the sight of groups of people cleaning the streets and polishing the signage along the roads is rather common. These streets and signs have to be white. All the time. Now you tell me you wouldnt like your town to be as clean as it can possibly get.

Gardens and public parks are also taken in high esteem. That is why they are polished day and night. Gardeners take care of the plants and flowers to the side of the streets, again, day and night. It is a massive challenge indeed for a city that rarely sees any drops of rain. Well done, Ashgabat!

Ashgabat organised the Asian Indoor Games in a spectacular way. They looked more like the Olympic Games to tell the truth. They spent loads of money to build the venues, shutting down the new part of town. Thousands of spectators attended the competitions, all dressed up in their historic costumes. And if not, all dressed up with a traditional tracksuit. All white, ça va sans dire. And all identical.

Looking at Ashgabat from above, just a few kilometres from the Iranian border, you cant not notice the longest and straightest strip ever, like an infinite freeway where people might be free to roam, back and forth. F1 next? Most likely.

In the far distance, a giant iron overlooks the city. Another symbol for the supreme cleanness? Probably.

OK, maybe all that glitters is not gold but, hey, doesnt it look really cool? And again, the towns outskirts are indeed a little less marblish and bling-blingish but think for a moment of your town’s outskirts. Are they as nice as the centre? For sure not. So, who really cares?

In the end, Ashgabat and Turkmenistan are really some kind of hidden pearls – everything is so bright brand new perfect. And, also, to maintain their exclusivity, no one is allowed to take any pictures. Isnt it a great idea to leave out all that TripAdvisor nonsense for once, and discover the whole beauty by yourself?

No traffic, no humans around, no dirt, no mud, no pictures, no ads, yes flowers, yes gardens and yes white marble shiny monuments. See? Undoubtedly the best country in the world.