An another amazing weekend dedicated to climb has just ended. Direction Briançon, beautiful medieval town, Unesco heritage, located at 1500 mt above the sea level and place rich in crags. I went to France with a group of young guys excited for this great adventure which provided a four-day basic climbing course with Nicola Sartori as a mountain guide from Verona and his wife Claudia. A preparatory course to climb no longer in top rope, therefore with the rope already secured from above, but bringing it up from first. Adrenaline, anxiety, happiness and a bit of fear were almost palpable.

Four beautiful sunny days spent in four crags which offered us four different climbing style: from the quartzite of the first day to the granite of the second, from the conglomerate to the limestone of the last. They have been some very intense days, we started in the morning after a generous breakfast and we went home after sunset, and holding a beer each one recounted his own impressions and sensations experienced; later dine all together and conclude the night with a cards game or with Nicola’s story about some nice climbing trip. It wasn’t the occasion for doing the grade during these days, but getting comfortable with the rock, testing the confidence of their feet, especially on granite, and to come back home tired but happy feeling pain in the fingers, having that feeling of swelling and redness that only rock climbing can give you. In addition to have climbed on incredible rock, giving a hand to the boys and getting some advice from the guide for my personal growth in climbing, I had the opportunity to make a photographic record of these days and I’m so grateful for this experience, rich of emotions, laughters and new friendships. For me climbing is a kind of drug and I can’t stay without it. I love being in nature, living the mountains exploring new places. I hope that climbing can enrich their lives as happened to me.