Peru: tesoro escondido

Anyone who has traveled a little in life knows that every journey has something unique to be told. Therefore today I will tell you a story that has never been told and never will be again, it is the story of a journey into a land of timeless charm, where countless months seem to go by in just few weeks; story of a dimension where the boundary between dream and reality is not so well defined.

Saline di Marsala in pink and purple

Discover the magic of Saline di Marsala in Sicily through a unique point of view, with these cross-processed aerial images by photographer Olaf Pignataro

Munnar tea plantations

Tea or Chai is the most widely drunk beverage in the whole world. The tea plant, Camellia Sansis, is a cultivated variety of a tree that has its origins in an area between India and China. There are three main varieties of the tea plant ­ China, Assam, and Cambodia ­ and a number of hybrids between the varieties. The China variety grows as high as nine feet (2.75 metres). It is a hardy plant able to withstand cold winters and has an economic life of at least 100 years.

Los Angeles, or the average extraordinary

L.A. has no secrets, no surprises. L.A. is just and right everything you have always seen in the(ir) movies. No more, no less. It’s like if the world is ending tomorrow and people are desperately getting the best out of it. Or it has already ended actually. It’s like if somebody just said “OK, no social rules anymore, no laws whatsoever, do-say-dress whatever you feel like to.” It’s like being thrown on the set of Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo&Juliet – well, it actually is. That sense of post or right before the apocalypse.

A slow voyage through Africa

The African continent deserves to be taken in slowly. Too magnificent and solemn, to be rushed through. You must take Africa slow, as it is.
Slow and inevitable as the tides, as the ever changing shades of turquoise over a Zanzibar reef. Like Stone Town wakening to a spotless sunrise – seemingly unaware of its past as the queen of all spice and slave trades in the world. Slow, like a ferry, sliding over glassy waters.

Good morning, Vietnam

A photographic trip to Vietnam, from the northern province of Ha Giang to the Mekong Delta, with a stop in UNESCO World Heritage Site Hoi An, looking for the strongest coffee

Panama Hay

In 2013 I spent twenty-two days in Panama City with the aim at filming scenes from the everyday-living in the capital, from the favelas to the high-class estates. What I caught on camera is more than just a skyline-to-slum’s footage.