We’re looking back at a very challenging week for the teams shooting around Courmayeur Mont Blanc in Italy!
Click on the Mountain 2018 is done and the winners were crowned, but the way to this was full of ups and downs – storm, clouds, sun, unstable snow layers didn’t make it easy to deliver.
Once again, the output surpassed what was expected and both jury and audience were deeply impressed by the skills of media and athletes.
Team Sweden (Adam Klingeteg, Sebastian Sandbland, William Larsson, Erik Lundmark) won the video category, Florian Albert with skiers Giulia Monego and Sophie Lechasseur (Team 3) won both best Instagram Video and Best Picture.

The 10th edition of Click on the Mountain took off with tough conditions: clouds covered the high alpine areas and further down in the woods it had gotten too warm to find powder. To make things even harder, heavy winds were blowing on Day 2 – so everyone was hoping for the third day, when the helicopter flights into Val Veny were planned.
Due to heavy snowfalls and the wind the snowpack
was unstable and the alpine guides had to make the right choices to keep the crews safe. Avoiding the dangerous sections was crucial and each team still got its fair share of fresh snow.
Drops off seracs, backcountry jumps, spraying powder turns, urban rails, and loads of impressive riding were filmed and photographed during four days in the backcountry of Courmayeur.

The jury, consisting of photo, film, ski and snowboard specialists, had long discussions before the Price Giving to agree on the winnersOn site, Karim Bartoletti (movie producer) and Manuel Castelnuovo (snowboard expert & inventor of the event) sat together, while Manuel Ferrigato (Photographer), Mark von Roy (downdays Magazine) and Alex Acs (Snowboard Team Manager) were judging online.

Lots of action in the picture, very dynamic with great contrast and stunning light atmosphere” judges state about the Best Photo. Great original concept, with an eye on details & color. And very good skiing” are the motivation for the Best Video.

Saturday night, all film-makers, photographers, riders and guides gathered in the Maserati Lounge in central Courmayeur, to present their productions to the publicThe official part of Click on the Mountain found its end when all winners had been announced – still the party continued till early in the morning!

The Winners
BEST PICTURE: Klaus Polzer / Giulia Monego, Sophie Lechasseur (team 3)
BEST VIDEO: Sebastian Sandbland / William Larsson, Erik Lundmark (team 2)
Best Instagram Video: Florian Albert / Giulia Monego, Sophie Lechasseur (team 3)
Best Light (Photo): Klaus Polzer / Giulia Monego, Sophie Lechasseur (team 3)
Best Action (Photo): Adam Klingeteg / William Larsson (team 2)
Best Urban (Photo): Adam Klingeteg / Erik Lundmark (team 2)
Best Lifestyle (Photo): Klaus Polzer / Sophie Lechasseur (team 3)