All pictures © Olaf Pignataro
Words by Dirt Rookies 

Dirt track racing started in the US back in the 1920s and 1930s, gaining popularity after WW2. At that time in Spain, brands such as Bultaco with its famous Astro and the Ossa Short Tracker made legendary motorcycles to participate in this sport that achieved great popularity, consolidating itself as a minority sport, still very funny.
The motorcycle needs to be able to run dirt track, are simple: specific dirt track wheels or rain tires, preferably of ’19 diameter; wide handlebar; preferably motocross or enduro engine, either two-stroke or 4-stroke; and no front brake.
Well-known riders from other disciplines, even from MotoGP, use flat track racing to improve their skills as a pilots. Proof of this is the Super Prestige competition,  held in Barcelona.

Dirt Rookies was born from the need of Barcelona custom motorcycle builders, cafe racer and street tracker, ​​to address their needs about the dirt track.
Many motorcycle preparation workshops have half-built motorcycles, where resemblance to dirt track aesthetics is evident; however, none of the motorcycle builders had practiced this sport.
That is where Xarly from Vintage Addiction and Santi from Corb Motorcycles decide to create this project and that’s when Dirt Rookies was born. With a group of friends, they took a Noyes Camp as dirt track. After that, in November 2017, the first Dirt Rookies event set place, gathering many vintage-style motorcycles.
The spirit of Dirt Rookies is not that of the competition, but of having a good time and sharing a day of dirt track with friends, enjoying and having fun. Even so, some participate in competitions such as Dirt Track de Campions, a prestigious Catalan competition, to unleash the most competitive spirit.