All pictures © Giacomo Margutti

L.A. has no secrets, no surprises. L.A. is just and right everything you have always seen in the(ir) movies. No more, no less.
It’s like if the world is ending tomorrow and people are desperately getting the best out of it. Or it has already ended actually.
It’s like if somebody just said “OK, no social rules anymore, no laws whatsoever, do-say-dress whatever you feel like to.”
It’s like being thrown on the set of Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo&Juliet – well, it actually is. That sense of post or right before the apocalypse.

You go on Santa Monica Pier, you stroll around Venice Beach, you walk along Hollywood Boulevard and the weirdest things on the planet magically just become so natural – well, after a while.
That guy along Hollywood Boulevard live-karaoking on his phone with his friend who is a singer and casually carrying a young goat in his lap. You never know if they all pretend to be out of the rules or they’re just really enjoying it. Don’t even try to understand. Just accept it all and live it through. You’ll enjoy more – just like them all.