Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 Monster Children Photo Comp!
As every year, the australian magazine wanted to uncover photographers around the world, professionals and amateurs doing interesting and innovative work. The winners of six different categories took home 5k australian dollars. This year entries showcased some incredible talents, so we know that it was a tough judging process. Do you agree with the final decisions?

To celebrate the photo comp, Monster Children threw a wild party and to say that it was a doozy wouldn’t quite do it justice. Sinking booze and talking jibe’s always fun, but when you add handing out novelty-sized cheques and putting smiles on the dials of up and coming photographers, then you’re really in for a special eve.

Do you want to see even more amazing pictures? Get your hands on this year Photo Annual! We can say Monster Children ticked all the boxes this year: the vitality of youth in the announcement of our Photo Comp winners, the masterful lenses of Dan Winters, Ari Marcopoulos and Craig Abell-Champion, the hard-hitting photojournalism of Andrew Quilty and everything in between.