In 2013 I spent twenty-two days in Panama City with the aim at filming scenes from the everyday-living in the capital, from the favelas to the high-class estates.
What I caught on camera is more than just a skyline-to-slum’s footage.
Back to Milan, creative director Mauro Simionato joined me to work on the storyline of what became ¡PANAMA HAY!: a layered portrait of the state’s capital, shot during the construction of the Metro de Panama – the first city subway.

Anything you were looking for is just not there;
but the harbor of course, the only real thing you’ll find around.

It is further than neverland,
which you won’t reach anyway.

You can do nothing but listening to people stories
those people who have been crossing ages and boundaries
melting in the place, becoming the place.

Try to figure out what they’re talking about
what they sing and fight about,
just before you leave the harbor
and everything else you’ve seen
without understanding it behind.

This is all I can share with you
about Panama.
A place forgot already