This summer, Reef Ambassadors Victoria Vergara, Mike Lay and Anna Ehrgott and Reef We Heart made a trip to Greece and helped Armando Aid create and fund education programs, build schools and buy materials for Oinofyta Refugee Camp.

Through education and routine it may be possible to give a little hope to an entire generation of young Syrian, Afghani and other Middle Eastern children, a future to aim for and dreams to dream. The $10,000 donation from Reef will finish the school building project as well as fund a school for the Ritsona Refugee Camp.

"I think it's a sign of hope, this camp. This isn't the end game for them. They didn't walk for hundreds and thousands of miles to be in this camp. But this is where they are and it's amazing to see the good work that some of the people are doing here and the good work they are doing themselves to make this into somewhere safe and comfortable to live."

Reef Ambassador, Mike Lay