My best friend and I wanted to make a trip together, to explore a different place, distant and exotic and mainly we wanted to disconnect from the usual city routine. No sooner said than done! In a few days we bought the flight ticket for Thailand, an ideal destination to get away from all and to regenerate ourselves.
We landed in Bangkok and suddenly we found ourselves thrown into a teeming capital of people, lights, sounds, fragrances, skyscrapers, taxi and tuk tuk everywhere around us. A city in continuous movement. With our backpacks we walked around the city for three days, remaining nicely hit by the incredible energy we could breathe.
We also visited Ayuttaya, the ancient thai capital, reachable by train in a couple of hours. We decided to move by bicycles, a kind of transport that we both love and that allowed us to shoot in complete freedom.
An ancient city rich in temples, ruins and buddha statues at every corner. One thing that impressed us was the endless amount of food stalls where they sold their local products, which attracted our attention for the bright colours and strong smells.    

We also passed two nights in an amazing resort in the middle of the Khao Yai national park, in the north-east of Bangkok. We were the only guests, being for them a low season, and we were able to fully enjoy the beauty of the place in complete tranquility. We woke up at dawn just to see the sun rising and take some pictures and by night we stayed in the pool cuddled by the warmth of the setting sun. We did a beautiful trekking in the jungle accompanied by a local guide and we had a close encounter with some monkeys and an amazing elephant, it has been very exciting.
After a couple of days, we went to Railay, one of the most remarkable climbing place in Thailand. Not so easy to reach from where we were, but breathtaking! We arrived by boat, the only way to get there, and the journey was beautiful, there were high cliffs that directly threw themselves into the sea, a natural sight! Here we enjoyed a full life alternating the beach to the crags made by fantastic limestone. we were super happy to be in a place like that, surrounded by stunning mountains and crags with lines high over 40 meters.
We also had a little taste of the night life at Kho Phi Phi island, with some beach parties with good music, jugglers, acrobats, tightrope walkers and good beers. But it’s not only about parties, we used to go around with the kayak to find the countless wonderful hidden beaches. We are active girls who really like being in nature appreciating every single moment. Last stop Krabi, known to be remained a city with a strong thai culture and tradition. Here we became friends with the girl who rented us the apartment, we had booked the day before using airb&b, a really great solution, fast and very convenient as location. We had the opportunity to see their places and we managed to do a cooking class with her family. It has been a great experience, full of joy and happiness, and now I’m able to do some thai dishes, that i repeated for some friends of mine and the experiment went very well.
It has really been a wonderful journey, full of surprises and real emotions. Real smiles, not built or for convenience, they are genuine and spontaneous and they fully live their days. They do not complain and they live giving thanks for what they have and remain with them for a while can not do anything else that fill your heart with a big sense of gratitude, for what we have, that many times we don’t appreciate, and you can not avoid to falling in love with their land.