Let’s face it: everybody loves Leo Fioravanti!  The reason is, he barged in the Italian news where people are divided about everything and they have one single passion: soccer. Leonardo is showing that there are other ways to gain for celebrity and fame as an athlete. He is now 18 years old and he just gained his first big goal in life, to compete in the World Tour.

The last time I met him, we were at La Graviere in Hossegor: under a warm October sun, I was having a chat with his dad Fabio. Leo just defeated Kelly Slater during the Pro France, when we saw Lep and Kelly coming around a dune (yes we now know where Kelly is hiding his car keys). I still remember Fabio’s words looking at the horizon:
“He’s been traveling so much during all these years, that I hardly had the time to spend some time with him. Yes, I gave away the chance to stay close to him so that he could reach his dreams, and look where he is now… Well, where they both are, he and his brother Matteo!”

Yes, Leonardo’s victories are the result of self-denial and worries. He fought hard to get where he is, harder than anyone I know. It’s not about having the right opportunities, it’s about the struggle to reach them. Do you really think I could become Tiger Woods if when I was six years old my parents would put a golf club in my hands? Ahah.
This is Leo Fioravanti arrival, and a new starting point. We are all watching and supporting you in this voyage to the top!

All pictures courteously by Quiksilver.