It happens very often to take a look at the sea, to understand that the conditions are good, to get a backpack with all the optics inside, to walk with the feet sinking, to open the easels and to enjoy the show between shots and shooting. Joan Duru, Charly Quivront and Yael Peña are in the Volcom house, a house right in front at Hossegor’s sand dunes, exactly those dunes we are accostumed to climb with our equipement.

It also happens that the sun isn’t your friend, that’s why the choice of this video and of these black and white shots. No worries! They gave more charm to the manuvres drawn on the water, the same water which the sun colores in ruby green! But who cares! The suits are black and the Volcom logo is strictly black and white like this post. All pictures by Paolo Poldo Testa. Video: shot and cut by Alessandro dotti.